I been dealing with Magneto for the last 6 months now and its a real headache, always some type of error, slow, bloated, dead community and overly complex to customize (and im a designer...)

I look at others like zencart but seem kinda dated compared to magento, but are their any other solutions to replace magento thats better and with a good online community?

the main selling points im looking for are configurable items (as in options for products), good online community and not so hard to customize or a nice amount of templates available.

has to be free and hopefully open source

and if it helps this is for a custom car accessories store


are you sure you want it to be free? We've moved away from open source simply because it's almost always a headache. Look at SolidShops.com for example or Shopify.com for a hosted solution that's headache free

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Accepted Answer

If you use Drupal then you could use Ãœbercart. A video on how to set it up and use it can be found at : Drupal Demo - Building a Small Business Site.

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