This might be a stupid question but I have to ask:

I have a big group of related functions for a project I am doing. The functions need to access a few global variables, so I was thinking about putting them into a class and loading the class as needed. I suppose my other option is to just include them as unrelated functions in an included PHP file, but putting them into 1 class seems to make sense. Is this an acceptable practice? I have worked with people who did this but it always seemed to not quite be in the spirit of good OOP practices because the classes were almost never instantiated but the functions were still called. Or maybe I'm over thinking it.

Any input would be awesome, thanks a bunch.


The functions need to access a few global variables - delete them and create new, without global variables.

Written by OZ_

Accepted Answer

A class does make the most sense. Whenever you can eliminate global variables, it is a good thing. Whether the class is instantiated or a static helper usually depends on the context. However, for future unit testing, instantiations allow dependency injection.

Written by brian_d
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