I decided to save setting in xml file since field takes only one value.

My XML file is like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <setting1>setting1 value</setting1>
    <setting2>setting2 value</setting2> 
    <setting3>setting3 value</setting3> 

Can anyone suggest me a simple php script to read, edit, add, and delete node and node values?


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@Gordon i was just expecting a hint where to begin with, since there are loads of stuff in manual

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@Gordon and how to write in a xml file

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Accepted Answer

If your XML is really that simple, you can use SimpleXML to CRUD it. SimpleXml will parse the XML into a tree structure of SimpleXmlElements. In a nutshell, you use it like this:

$config = new SimpleXmlElement('<settings/>');
$config->setting1 = 'setting1 value';         

$config = new SimpleXmlElement('config.xml', 0, TRUE);
echo $config->setting1;
echo $config->asXml();

$config->setting1 = 'new value';
$config->setting2 = 'setting2 value';
echo $config->asXml();

$config->setting2 = NULL;
echo $config->asXML();

Please refer to the PHP manual for further usage examples and the API description.

On a sidenote, if you really just have key/value pairs, you could also use a plain old PHP array to store them or a key/value store like DBA or even APC and memcached with a long ttl.

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