I have a website on a shared hosting. I want to do a full backup of a Sql-Server 2005 database. I can connect to db using server management studio but I cannot do full backup because I cannot reach any filesystem (due to hosting limitations). Can anybody help?


If you don't have any file-system permissions, and your hosting provider isn't willing to open those up at least a tiny bit, then I really don't see how you can achieve this, sorry....

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I can extract DB schema and content of all tables to sql script using EMS SQL Manager. It's acceptable for a small database but rather too heavy for something larger.

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Accepted Answer

You should talk to your hosting and see what they recommend to make full backup, meanwhile you can use Import/Export Data to transfer data to a local Database.

Edit: After searching on this issue I found the following article: automatically taking backup of database on shared hosting having SQL Server 2005 express on my machine ? Plz guide

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