AJAX is a pain in the ass because it essentially means you'll have to write two sets of similarish code: one for browsers with JavaScript enabled and those without.

Not only this, but you have to connect JavaScript events to hook into your models and display the results.

And if all that weren't bad enough, you need to send an address change with the request, otherwise the user won't be able to "click back" correctly (if confused look at what happens to the address bar when you click links in GMail).

We're searching for something that had the foresight and design goals with all these concerns in mind.

Performance and security are also obvious major concerns.

We love config-based systems as well, where you don't have to write a lot of code you just drop it into an easily read config format.

It's like asking for the holy grail right?


If you're creating a web application (versus a simple website), then you don't have to worry about JavaScript being turned off. Making an entire application work without JavaScript on is not worth all the pain. If your users want to use your app, they should have JavaScript on; that's part of the deal.

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How do you write a dynamic page without JavaScript, if flash is off limits? [If you want to move left, press pagedown 7 times] Consider Javascript-enabled to be a "System Requirement"...

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Accepted Answer

Yes, the NOLOH PHP Framework (the site itself was written in NOLOH) is that holy grail. NOLOH was developed from the ground up to address these issues. You develop in a single language on the server-side and it takes care of the rest. No need to worry about AJAX, or cross browser issues. NOLOH's been around since 2005 and is being used in various companies large and small. It significantly outperforms the competition in performance due to it's lightweight and on-demand nature.

NOLOH recently gave a talk at Confoo, the most applicable parts of that presentation to your question are the live examples, and the basic coding.

If you're curious about the power of NOLOH you can also check out this Steve Jobs like one more thing demonstrating the upcoming automatic Comet.

Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder of NOLOH.


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