I guess it should be a common technique, However, I tried the following two options:

1) Using my existing POP3 PHP client to access my local mail account. I am getting a "could not connect". Same code works if I run it with my localhost connecting to GoDaddy's pop3 server

2) Parsing the local mbox file - I can't figure out if I can access it, seems like I can't.

Any good ideas of which approach should be best here?

Accepted Answer

Seems like I have this figured out. Shared hosting (GoDaddy specifically) does not allow direct TCP connections anywhere, including their own POP3 server. Looks like I can't be able to access the mbox file directly either. So I figure it is just not going to work.

Thanks all repliers!

Maybe there are OTHER inexpensive shared hosting plans that provide this option...

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