i have a multi dimensional array with 200 keys and each key have 3 to 5 array , So i want to know is there any way to see only limited part ( i.e. upto 3 or 4 keys) bcoz if i use print_r($desiredArray); then it toook too much time to print that complete array i want to see only initial 2 or 3 either first two and last two array keys

just like below

$desiredArray[0] $desiredArray[1] ... $desiredArray[199 ] $desiredArray[200]..

if key are not in order then display like below

current($desiredArray), next($desiredArray)...end($desiredArray)


Write your own function, using current(), next(), prev() and end() standard functions.

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Accepted Answer

One possible solution is installing the XDebug extension. With XDebug installed, functions like var_dump() produce nicely coloured output with protection against recursion, deep nesting or overly long output.

The quick-fix DIY alternative would be:

print_r(array_slice($desiredArray, 0, 4));
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