How do I host a website for the public, but cannot be traced back to a single IP address?

I was thinking that if there was such a system like this, it would be possible for websites like Wikileaks to not be shutdown.

I took a look at I2P but it seems like it requires people to install a big fat Java client to visit websites on the network.


@Jeremy Please read… . A web host is part of programming a website. See for example why this question isn't tagged "not-programming-related" . I am really tired of these "not-programming-related" busybodies.

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And notice how it turned into a wiki after a whole month of being a question. Why do people think that being a wiki is an excuse??

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Accepted Answer

You could use Freenet, althought that is not exactly a normal website.

Also, there is Tor, but I think that is just for anonymous browsing, not hosting.

The problem is that this is just not possible on the Internet as it is. For somebody to access a website, they have to know the IP address. Freenet and I2P fix this problem, but there is no way you can do this on the standard Internet.

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