I very recently released my ASP.NET MVC based website. I'm beginning planning for when I need to upgrade hosting. I'd like to move to a cloud computing provider and I saw that GoDaddy has a grid hosting solution in beta.

Anyone tried to deploy an ASP.NET MVC web app to the GoDaddy grid hosting? If so, how was the experience? According to their help docs, it seems a lot easier to use than other cloud hosting providers.

Thanks in advance!


Is this like Amazon E2, can you RDP into the boxes?

Written by Chad Moran

Not sure... I haven't tried either Amazon E2 or the GoDaddy grid hosting. I'm pondering moving to the cloud computing host, but most seem incredible expensive for my needs at this time. GoDaddy's looks affordable, but I'm concerned about it's capability to host an ASP.NET MVC website...

Written by Chad

No. It's like a 'cloudy' version of shared hosting.

Written by Dan Esparza

@Dan Esparza - I was thinking the same thing.

Written by Chad

Accepted Answer

I've seen a lot of bad reviews about Godaddy grid hosting so I personally haven't tried it.

If you're interested in grid hosting, you should consider the Microsoft Azure platform.

People have been using ASP.NET MVC on Azure: http://www.aaronlerch.com/blog/2008/11/01/run-aspnet-mvc-on-windows-azure/

Written by ajma
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