In my area PHP is very widespread, so is .NET. Ruby not so much; most places have never heard of it. For some personal things I am "forced" to choose Rails because I want to take advantage of Heroku - the ability to deploy and scale on the cloud very easily is the main reason. Also, they offer a small FREE plan that I can use for demo sites or, in this case, for my business' static page; as a totally bootstrapped startup I have maybe $50 or so in initial capital and cannot afford to pay monthly fees while I'm getting started.

Are there any similar offerings for other languages? Specifically, I really like the small, 5MB site for free that Heroku offers - is there anything like that for PHP and/or .NET? I'm not even that concerned about the "cloud" part, but that would be a nice bonus. If there is, I might be able to kill two birds with one stone and pick up a useful skill as I'm doing my own thing instead of using something that nobody else knows or cares about.

I should add I'm specifically interested in something that offers a free plan. As I said, Heroku has a 5mb plan that you can have as many as you want for free; I have yet to find anything similar for any other platform, and to be honest I'm not too thrilled about using Ruby on Rails for everything simply to take advantage of this.


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Should it? The question specifically relates to hosting for the use of programming purposes. Apologies if it's better suited there, I figured programmers would be the people to ask about that since they would be more inclined to be using things like that.

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Great question! But why do you feel "forced" to use rails? Why not convince whoever you work with/for to use it?

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This is for my own stuff, not a company I'm working for. So I feel "forced" because I want to take advantage of the free hosting with Heroku, since like I said already for my startup (as in my own company) my brother and I have very little money to spend on hosting and things like that.

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