So I've done this before a number of different ways, but I wanted to get the opinion of the community.

What needs to be accomplished is essentially dynamic URLs that pull in content depending on what exists in the URL. Example:

This URL would pull in userA's content and populate the website. The idea is so multiple people can have their own custom spot on the website. It's the same website for everyone, but the user specific information changes per the URL request.

Taking this a step further, to be able to call and display a video from userA.

Like I said, I've done this before, but I want to do it with best practices in mind... perhaps a combination of htaccess and CGI?



Where is the content coming from? Are you pulling it across the network from other servers, or just from other folders on the same Web server?

Written by bpanulla

Eventually, I'd like to be able to use a cloud server for this... but at first, same server.

Written by dcolumbus

Accepted Answer

For any CF developers that are familiar with Routing for Rails or .NET MVC, check out:

Wheels is an open-source CFML Routing System! Might be a winner!

Written by dcolumbus
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