Multiple customer instances of an application, under a single application.

What I need is to allow multiple users, to connect to my Apache Web server, by passing different url like : etc.

What I want my Apache server to do, is pass all request that are not directed to a certain list of existing hosts (like and over to my Rails application, by setting a RequestHeader to identify the requested host, something like :

RequestHeader "INSTANCE_NAME" = customer1 #for

Thanks for your help!

Ps.: The end goal is to offer software slices as a service, but having all those customers managed under 1 application running. Not 1 app per customer.

Accepted Answer

Using a standard VirtualHost configuration you can do this:

NameVirtualHost *:80

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerAlias *

  DocumentRoot /web/

This will capture all requests that are not already captured by other VirtualHost entries.

When your application receives the request, you will have the request variable set with the host-name provided. This is available to any ActionController:

From there you can load the appropriate data in some kind of before_filter, as is typically done like:

before_filter :load_client

def load_client
  @client = Client.find_by_hostname!(
rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
  render(:partial => 'client_not_found', :status => :not_found)

So long as the client has the hostname populated correctly, this will find them on each page load.

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