I will ask this with an example - I have a setup, nginx, django, apache ( nginx forwards ssl requests to apache)

I have website https://www.xyz.com which has a ssl certificate associated with it and clients use it when connecting. Lets say, I have another domain name www.abc.com, which I want to assign it to the same server as xyz.com

That is when user types in the browser https://www.abc.com/ it should show the same website as https://www.xyz.com/.

Now to achieve this, Do I need to buy another ssl certificate? if I do, How would I change http.conf file to use this new certificate for another url?

Or Is there any other approach that I can use?

Accepted Answer

I ended up buying single multidomain certificate(UCC) for two domains. and modified the nginx configuration to direct two sites to the same apache server.

As I had nginx in front of apache, I did not need to change the http.conf configuration.

Thank you very much guys for your help !

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