Has anyone successfully been able to deploy ASP.NET website to GoDaddy's free hosting? I am talking about free hosting that comes with a domain package from GoDaddy. The catch of the free hosting is having an annoying Google Ads banner in a frame on top of the page.

I've searched Google, stackoverflow and GoDaddy forums but I can't find anywhere the solution to my problem.

When I upload a ASP.NET website to GoDaddy, it gives me an error - something about TrustLevel. Someone told me that by default asp.net websites have Full Trust Level which GoDaddy doesn't allow. I've even tried changing Trust Level to Medium manually, but with no luck.

What may be the problem?


"something about TrustLevel"...that error message is these for a reason, you should include it in the question, always :)

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Ok one moment, let me upload my ASP.NET website to GoDaddy.

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The error you are getting is a custom error page. To see the actual error message follow the instructions on this page to edit your web.config to show errors when browsing the page remotely (which means browsing it on a computer other than the server it is on).

@Waleed I will reupload my website with customErrors = ON

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This has to be possible - godaddy provides instructions for ASP.NET configuration in their docs: help.godaddy.com/article/687

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Accepted Answer

I suspect that you are using a 3rd party assembly that requires full trust. As others have mentioned, the error message will tell you specifically which assembly needs full trust once you set customErrors = "on" in your web.config.

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