Can you suggest an 3.5 hosting provider with continuous integration (cctray – nant builds) and source control facilities (svn)?

My requirement would be something like this:

  • I checkin to a svn branch (say trunk) on the hosting provider space.
  • CruiseControl.NET on the server fires off a build.
  • I see success/failure on my cctray.
  • On success my peers go to the website (say and see changes

Accepted Answer

I would also have to suggest a VPS as I have yet to see a Shared Hosting provider with compilers installed.

On the code repository side has free svn hosting and they also provide a way to kick off a build process by allowing you to specify a URL to post to when a check-in occurs. This URL can kick off a script that pulls the latest code and builds it. You can find more details on how to set this up here.

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