I have done the following :

  1. Start Visual Studio 2010
  2. New Project > ASP.NET MVC
  3. Default ASP.NET MVC project generated by VS2010
  4. Add a couple off simple buttons on the first page
  5. Start local IIS manager, Create a web application and point it to the ASP.NET MVC project
  6. Set correct right on the ASP.NET MVC project folder(to the user running the thread pool in IIS7)
  7. Browse site (http://localhost/MyTestSight/) and the first page is shown
  8. Upload site to www.test.figurspel.net
  9. Host sets the site to be runned on .NET 4.0
  10. Browse www.test.figurspel.net and the site is not working?
  11. The host has checked that tha Active Server Page is set to allow
  12. Host has installed up to MVC 3

I could turn on the Browsable to see the file structure but this will not help to get the site running.

How do I get this asp.NET MVC web site running?



Are you sure it is IIS7? Or is it running IIS6?

Written by jao

When you say the site is not working what do you mean? Are you getting some sort of error message?

Written by AndyM

@jao > It is a IIS7 according to the host.

Written by SnowJim

@AndyM > When we try to browse www.test.figurspel.net a security exception(403) will be thrown. If I enable directory browsing in the host controlpanel then I will see the root file structure of my site (here the site should be shown) and I can browse the folders and look at files. It seems like the ASP.NET MVC is not activated even when the host says it is? We should get the home page when browsing www.test.figurspel.net.

Written by SnowJim

It sounds like something is wrong at your hosts side rather than an application problem. I'd check that the site is attached to a .NET 4 app pool running in integrated mode. It's also possible that IIS isn't being given permission to access the folder the site is deployed to or as you say that MVC isn't installed on the server. You can test for that last one by bin deploying MVC3 to your host: hanselman.com/blog/…

Written by AndyM

It was the integration that was not set. Thanks!

Written by SnowJim

Accepted Answer

Is the application pool running in integrated mode the IIS site running under that application pool?

It's my understanding that if this isn't the case, the MVC site will not run.

Alternatively, have you tried this?

Written by Liam
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