Is it possible to have extension-less URLs (ASP.NET MVC default) with shared hosting? I have seen some things to get GoDaddy working by including the .aspx extension in the Global.asax routing, however I don't want my URLs to include .aspx.


Yes, I've got my site up through Gearhost. They just needed to enable that feature on II67 for my subdomain.

Written by George Stocker

Accepted Answer

Yes, I have a couple sites that are currently hosted on GoDaddy shared w/ extensionless URLs in ASP.NET. You need to enable IIS7 integrated pipeline mode as you can't access wildcard mappings or add ISAPI filters on a shared box. Once that's turned on, you can route incoming (extensionless) URLs to .aspx or whatever else through an HTTP Module or via URLRewriter.NET or whatever else.

Good luck.

Written by James D
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