I've talked to GoDaddy several times but no one there knows what they're talking about. I'm creating a simple web site for a local company who uses GoDaddy Windows Shared hosting and I'd like to create the project using MVC version 2.

The first time the guy said he hadn't heard of MVC and that GoDaddy doesn't support it. The second time I called they said they only support MVC on dedicated hosting and he wasn't sure about MVC 2 specifically. The third time I called the guy said I could run MVC 2 on shared hosting.

Anyone that actually has experience know?


Switch to a better host.

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Accepted Answer

As a current GoDaddy customer I can tell you that they have IIS 7 servers on Windows 2008.

Also, ASP.NET MVC 2 will work. To make it work you must make sure you the following libraries are in the bin directory:


Make sure you set the Copy Local to true on those 2 libraries and make sure you upload the BIN directory.

Here is a simple site I built for our local area Kub Kar Races (Pinewood Derby for the Americans). It is hosted on GoDaddy and was built using a Beta for MVC2 (not sure which one anymore).

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