I'm very disappointed about this... I use Assembla for my personal projects(commercial) and now I have to move everything to another place!

There are some questions about different free hosting... I extracted some of the sites that offers free hosting for projects:

If you know about others like assembla please post it!

Cheers from Argentina!


Might want to rephrase this as a question.

Written by itsmatt

Perhaps "Is there a free alternative to Assembla?"

Written by Dave DuPlantis

i rephrased the title to a question, if you don't like how it is you can revert it.

Written by Simucal

If you do commercial development, is the price really such a problem? It doesn't look expensive at all.

Written by Joachim Sauer

I think the paid version to Assembla seems like a good alternative. It's very cheap - I agree with Joachim since it's for commercial projects.

Written by Cam

Accepted Answer

Another similar is, but they only use Mercurial:
What does Bitbucket give you?

* A home for your Mercurial project(s)
* A simple, yet powerful web interface
* Access control, multiple readers and writers
* Push/pull over HTTP(s) and SSH
* Issue tracker
* Social aspect (following users/repos, events, etc.)
* Supports OpenID
* and more...

The free plan includes 150mb

Written by Matías
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