my client run a service like that:

ServiceHost=new ServiceHost(typeof(Service2),new Uri("http://..."));
ServiceMetadataBehavior smb=new ServiceMetadataBehavior();

in the Service2 class (that implement Iservice) i added a function:

bool returnResult(bool res)
return res;

my client send a request to the server to validate XML file, and the server return true/false by activating the returnResult function through the server2 that run on the client. how can the result can get to the client? p.s i know there somthing with event but i don't know how...


I read question three times and I don't understand it.

Written by Ladislav Mrnka

i send a message to the client, and the client suppose to answer me through a server that run on the client...

Written by aharon

What don't you use a standard async pattern (Begin/End) in your WCF service?

Written by Johann Blais

it's too complicated...

Written by aharon

Accepted Answer

i did it! i declared a static event in a different class. the client add a function tho this event. the server call the server on the client with the result, and the client's server make the Invokatin of the event with this value.

Written by aharon
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