I'm striving to be a good programmer, I used to be among the best around people who were learning at the same time I was, but I reached a plateau and I don't understand why other programmers know so much more than I do. I can't be useful anymore, I fail all tests for good jobs, etc.

Should I get php training? Like courses? I'd like to know what are the best around. I feel there is so much money to be earned by being a good programmer but I just cannot be one. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.


Programming is not limited to PHP :)

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Earning a living is not limited to programming :)

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That's pretty pompous Col. Schrapnel. Whether the code is beautiful or not, if you're a new programmer and you're stuck there's no better way to get un-stuck than to ask others for help. When I get answers on SO I rarely use the code example they give -- usually the 'answerer' mentions a function or library or something that I have either forgotten, not thought of, or never seen before. If you're on your own and don't have a prof or senior programmers around you to ask, then SO is invaluable.

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Accepted Answer

Learning never stops.

That is the true spirit of a computer programmer. And classes and courses are not mandatory, only helps.

Take a look at my progress: I started with VBS and command line scripting, not really for programming, just scripting tasks. Then, I moved on to C++, and just using an online tutorial. Afterwards, I expanded to many parts of the WinAPI, including media manipulation, GUI's, and various other system tasks. The I started using the Qt and Boost frameworks, after I mastered the basics. Next, I shifted to mathematical programming, where I learned Haskell and Mathematica from online tutorials as well. My next objective was to expand to web applications, starting with HTML and Javascript from W3Schools.com, then expanding to PHP and MySQL just within the last few months. My next goal is to master some of the basic frameworks for Javascript and PHP, like jQuery and Zend.

That's the race of life and learning, once you've reached a goal, if you just stay and not continue, the rest of the world will past you. Look at the US education for example. Used to be one of the best in the world, now we're ranked #38 in the developed world. That's same with you, you have to continue on learning and progressing, once you stop, the world will pass you by. It's always better to be in front of the race than being in the back, being reluctantly dragged forward by the tide.

If you are interested in some Lynda.com tutorials on PHP and MySQL, feel free to contact me personally. I do have access to many Lynda materials.

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