Is there a way to verify a users blackberry pin using php ? or any other methods you may suggest :)


  1. Users visits website:
  2. user signs up enters a blackberry pin.
  3. php/javascript/blackberry web Works generates a 4 digit code and sends it to blackberry pin (messenger).
  4. reads the 4 digit code returns to and enters the 4 digit code into the website 5. click continue
  5. tell user that they have successfully verified the pin


why not use regex ? then send them with sms ?

Written by Adam Ramadhan

use regex? where ? and why ?

Written by Val

Accepted Answer

php is server side code that would not execute on a blackberry. php could verify a pin assuming that there was some client side (on the blackberry device) code executing that would pass this information to php.

I found this forum thread discussing how to do this in java:

Written by Chris
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