I want my server app to be able to send data to be processed by a bunch of various clients, and then have the processed data returned to the server.

Ideally, I'd have some call like some_process = send_to_client_for_calculating(connection, data)

I just need to be able to send a bunch of data to a client, tell the client what to do (preferably in the same message, which can be done with an array [command, data]), and then return the data...

I'm breaking up pieces of a neural network (tis very large), and then assembling them all later.

If I need to be clearer, let me know how.


This depends highly on how you intend to program it. There's Boost.Asio, MPI, remote procedure calls, etc.

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Accepted Answer

I'm shocked no one has thrown it out there... how about boost::asio.

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