Currently, everything that I've read indicates that you must run MongoDB as a separate process/service. Is there any way to host MongoDB in-process? If not now, are their known plans to implement such a feature?


I'd be interested to hear why you want to run MongoDB in process... What is your use case?

Written by David James

Can you clarify what you mean "hosted in process"?

Written by Brian Armstrong

Not hosted in a separate process boundary - in other words, I want to host the MongoDB service inside the application that uses MongoDB as its data store.

Written by Jordan

The obvious use-case is a system where there is a single process accessing the data store, and one wishes to eliminate the network overhead, latency, and/or complexity from the architecture.

Written by Mark

Accepted Answer

Based on my experience with MongoDB and my skimming of the issue tracker tickets at, I don't know of any way to host MongoDB in process. I also found no evidence of future plans to do so.

I would recommend asking this question on the mongodb-user mailing list:

Written by David James
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