I want to update some stuff in my database everyday at 16:00.

So I use crontab which execute command which run my file.php which run the update. It works perfectly when I execute the command in the bash but There is a problem with the crontab.


00 16 * * * ./etc/cron.daily/maj_cat


php var/www/dev/update.php



You are probably missing a prefixing slash in var/www...

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What is root's home directory? (Or maybe you should lose the . in the path name). Did you set execute bits on maj_cat? And a #!/bin/sh line is best practice nowadays.

Written by LHMathies

Accepted Answer

./etc/cron.daily/maj_cat is a relative path, and var/www/dev/update.php too, try:

00 16 * * * /etc/cron.daily/maj_cat

and maj_cat:

php /var/www/dev/update.php

To you can do:

00 16 * * * /usr/bin/env php /var/www/dev/update.php
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