I'd like to move some small app databases to a cloud hosting provider. Basically, I'd like to not have to manage databases myself. I've been looking at Amazon RDS and MongoHQ, which are great, but are bit expensive.

Are there any other alternatives other than setting up my own VPS?




Heroku runs on the cloud.

Written by Damien MATHIEU

Yes, but I'd like to have a database for my Heroku apps. Heroku charges one database per app. It gets costly for many smaller apps.

Written by Jim Jones

Accepted Answer

Putting your database somewhere on the cloud won't eliminate the need for you to manage it. Heroku gives you a database when you host an application with them, and they'll set it up and make sure it works for you.

I would recommend keeping the database on the same system that the application is running on (in this case, Heroku). This gives you a few benefits over cloud hosting, such as:

  • Low latency means faster requests
  • Support; Since Heroku is hosting the database, you have access to their support to fix any issues.
  • Easily upgradeable; If you need to scale your database, Heroku can manage it for you (albeit at a cost increase)

Cloud hosting services are only needed for high stress, high traffic systems where you may need to spin up new slaves to handle requests for you.

Written by Mike Trpcic
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