I'm aware of how to protect against SQL injections & stuff & validating user input... but was wondering if you are taking data from a user input field & the data is a string how safe is this data to use inside your code for stuff like:

if ($i == $_POST['userinput']) {

The above is just an example at trying to get across my question at asking what steps you need to take & in what circumstances.

Obviously it wouldn't work in the above instance, but just trying to prevent people doing something like an include('whatever.php'); etc..


Accepted Answer

Making a comparison against a variable, like you show, is not dangerous in itself, so there's nothing to worry about there.

User input becomes potentially dangerous when used, in an include statement, in a database query, in a file name, in an eval() call, in a HTML page, etc. every one of those uses has one correct sanitation method.

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