I want to provide silverlight app to my customer while hosting the app at my own site for streamlined maintenance.

  • my Silverlight .xap is hosted in, let say, domain me-supplier.com
  • i want to embed it in, let say, domain my-customer.com

It works perfectly for http://my-customer.com, not for https://my-customer.com

  • i have added the (me-supplier.com hosted) cross domain silverlight policy file to allow my-customer.com
  • i have configured the mime types for .xap
  • the silverlight app needs html dom access so the iframe approach is not viable i believe.

this works for javascript code, so why not for silverlight ? any idea, workaround ?

Accepted Answer

Is the silverlight app also on https? If not, you might be hitting a security wall which does not allow to intermix http and https application domains

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