I am a total newbie in servers/hosting etc, although I have some experience in programming in C,Java,etc. So excuse me if the question is 'absurd'.

I recently bought service from a hosting site,namely this(hostmds). I have some code I've written in C++ and I want to run it in the hosting site. So my question is:

  • Is this possible, or will I have to rewrite everything in a new language?
  • What should my approach be?

Edit: I have a Shared-Hosting account.

Accepted Answer

You will have to get a "virtual private server" account from your host in order to do this. This will enable you to compile your program on your host machine and run it essentially as if it were a separate machine under your control.

This means you will also be responsible for maintaining your own HTTP server program (such as Apache, if running on a Linux/Unix host), and your own database servers and other support.

If you have a "shared hosting" account (the most common low cost option) with SSH support, you may be able to compile your program, and even run it, but you will be subject to the whims (capricious or otherwise) of the administrators of your system (that it, you may find that libraries you need are removed or moved around)

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