I'm currently working with a team in my University to put together a new webapp. Nothing too fancy, just run of the mill MySQL + Django. We are also hoping to use Git for source control. We were wondering what hosting options were available to us. We're all very competent with Unix, so a ssh connection would be preferable. We also looked into the Amazon Cloud, but are not sure if that's right for us. What does Stackoverflow suggest for a provider to host both a Git repo for us and our webapp. The simpler, the better. It should also run a Linux environment.


You should also consider if "hosting a git repo" ist enough, or if you need additionally a good issue tracker, a wiki etc... Furthermore you should include some information on the expected load of your system / why you would prefer a "cloud service"..

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Accepted Answer

I have had great success using the Rackspace Cloud servers. You get root SSH into the server, so you can set up your Git repo and your web app there. They have a lot of options for which flavor of Linux you want to use as well.

I'm doing Django/Postgres on an Ubuntu server and haven't had any problems at all. As a bonus, it includes very easy web and API integration with their CDN if you're interested in that.

I looked into a variety of cloud providers and RS had the best options for me, although CDN integration was a big deal for my site so that factor weighed heavier than it might for you.

I use the cheapo 256MB RAM/10GB HD install and pay around ~$12/month after bandwidth costs are figured into it.

Here's the pricing: http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/cloud_hosting_products/servers/pricing/

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