While playing with php and understanding the difference b/w what the tags I messed up the paths without taking a backup httpd.config file.

I have update the files located at C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.config file.

I dont know how can I can revert back to defaults since I want play with phpAdmin and other stuff which i was able use before this change of paths .

all I want is keep my web project on D: drive as virtaully folder. how can i do that ?? please help. stuck.

ServerRoot "C:\xampp\apache"
DocumentRoot "D:\workspace"
<Directory "D:\workspace\AutionWebSite">

Accepted Answer

  • ServerRoot = path to the webserver executable/dir
  • DocumentRoot = path to your files that are delivered by the server
  • The <Directory> directive is used to configure settings for a specific directory. However, the <Directory> command in your question is not complete.
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