lets say that a user want to take vacation from 17-10-2010 to 15-11-2010.

on some setup page i declared start date and end date for each month as following:

m1 :from 1-10-2010 to 20-10-2010
m2: from 21-10-2010 to 10-11-2010
m3: from 11-11-2010 tom 30-11-2010

as we can see,the vacation related to many periods(m1,m2,m3) not to only one period, so i need to divide the vacation into periods, and The array of periods should look like this:

from 17-10-2010 to 20-10-2010  
from 21-10-2010 to 10-11-2010  
from 11-11-2010 to 15-11-2010  

i think that solving the problem with only using PHP will be complex,so i want to use PHP and MySQL functions to solve the problem,

Any help please?



Please clarify the question. Why do you need to divide the period? Why can't you use DatePeriod? What have you tried so far and what does MySql have to do with that?

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Accepted Answer

SELECT  GREATEST(period_start, @vacation_start),
        LEAST(period_end, @vacation_end)
FROM    mytable
WHERE   period_start <= @vacation_end
        AND period_end >= @vacation_start
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