I need to set up Drupal 6 as a multilanguage site. 1 installation, several language versions = several domains, i.e.

  • English at englishsite.com
  • French at frenchsite.com
  • German at germansite.com.

I've found a Tutorial that suggest that you need access to server's http.conf - this is quite unlikely on shared hosting.
Is it really neccesary?

Maybe You can set it up with .htaccess or any other way.
Namely: what should I do to have such a configuration working ?
(after setting Language negotiation to Domain name only on .../admin/settings/language/configure)

Accepted Answer

According to what I've found this could resolved in at least 2 ways.

Admin interface

Make the domains point to the Drupal directory in the hosting account admin interface (what is equivalent to http.conf edit suggestion from the tutorial)

Symbolic links

Replace the domain-specific directories with symbolic links to the Drupal directory (in Unix-based systems), i.e.
ln -s <drupalDirectory> <domainDirectoryName>

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