I've determined that my local web hosting company cannot support Django.

  • They run Python 2.2.
  • No support for mod_python, FastCGI, or SCGI.
  • No support for mod_rewrite.

Any one of these prevent me from deploying my site as a Django app at that hosting service.

I realize that my site is basically static. I'm wondering if I can use Django caching to the filesystem, and deploy what's in that cache. Or else use wget to recursively capture my site running on localhost. Has anyone done this kind of operation? Is it possible, and is it worth the effort?

I realize that I have at least two other options:

  • Use a PHP CMS solution.
  • Switch my domain to another hosting service.

edit: Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I've sent an email to my hosting provider to give them a chance to offer me an upgrade. If they can't come through, I'm looking at WebFaction as a provider.

Accepted Answer

StaticGenerator for Django is what you want. It's designed to pull Django views and save them as static HTML files. It's how I publish my site (http://nedbatchelder.com).

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