I've been using Amazon EC2 for hosting a recently released website, mainly to gauge traffic demands etc. before committing to a more dedicated host. I'm currently using a small instance of Win2k8+SQL and paying about $80/month for the service.

Now that the site has been up for a month I am considering more long-term VPS solutions. However, I'm a bit surprised at costs. I don't see a significant price difference between EC2 and a dedicated VPS (usually a $20 difference for a similar level of equipment). I'm also a bit concerned, because some of the links posted here for VPS recommendations don't seem to work any more (ie. I'm confident Amazon will remain next year, but it seems that's not that case for all VPSes).

My questions:

  1. Does anyone use EC2 for full-time, dedicated hosting of a Windows server, and is there any reason not to do so? I'm specifically noting that EC2 is a cloud provider for on-demand, transient loads, hence my curiosity about its suitability as a dedicated provider.
  2. Are there any Windows VPSes that are recommended, have been in business for some time and do offer a cost benefit to just running on EC2?

Accepted Answer

I have multiple EC2 servers running commercial production websites, and I'm very satisfied with the price/performance ratio and general quality/stability.

The main reason I might look elsewhere would be for better/cheaper support...

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