What options are there for saving and retrieving documents to and from the cloud, from within Emacs?

I use Emacs at work, on a Windows machine, and at home, on a Linux box, so ideally I would want a solution that works more or less out of the box for both operating systems.

I touched on g-client, but could not quite get it to work. Obviously, if there are no other, simpler options, I'm just going to have to spend a couple of more hours on it.

Many thanks, Andreas

Accepted Answer

Two options that I can think of:

  1. If you have access to a server somewhere that runs ssh, then use ssh with tramp. You can also run a ssh server at your home linux box and access your home files through from work. Tramp works perfectly fine on Windows with ssh from cygwin. It will automatically grab a file (provided that you give emacs something like /ssh:yourusername@yourserverhost:~/yourfile), put it to a temporary file at your computer, then copy it back to the host when you save it.

  2. Use a source control system like SVN or Git. Again you can host the server at your home or you can find online hosts (most are for open source and are thus public, but some are free and private; I use unfuddle.com). You would have to regularly commit/update, but you can easily automate that if you want, and the source control system gives you a nice history of your files and a safety net in case you did something very wrong.

Emacs has excellent integration with source control system. If you find the build-in one not sufficient (it is quite generic and thus does not offer interface to some specific features of a particular source control system), there are plenty of good alternative (psvn for SVN, and magit for Git, for example).

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