I am experiencing an odd issue. I just switched to FastCGI (Apache) because of the big performance boost. Everything is working great, except when I attempt to use sendmail (Codeigniter Class or just raw PHP). I have tested with and without CI and still get a 500 internal server error when trying to send. Could this be getting caused by a discrepency in how FastCGI utilizes sendmail? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Also, the email will send, it just errors afterwards. Please let me know a solution if you have one! Thanks! :)


A 500 always leaves a log entry in Apache's error log. Check what it says there first.

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Accepted Answer

check out your php.ini file. it will be a different to the one that is being used by the webserver. In that you will find your PATH, and installed libraries, which will all be relevant to using Sendmail.

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