I have a buddy that's the IT guy for his company. He recently asked me about moving some of the applications they have to some managed server somewhere. I recommended Rackspace, but now I'm wondering what other quality options are out there.

He needs to host Quickbooks for the accounting department, a couple of low traffic websites, and some proprietary database.

Thanks in advance for your input.


I assume if you're running Quickbooks on it you need a Windows VPS? That limits things a lot...

Written by ceejayoz

Yup. Although the website could run off Linux.

Written by Esteban Araya

@gbjbaanb: if you're going to close this question, please close all other hosting questions first. thanks!

Written by Esteban Araya

Are you kidding? This is not a programming question, and insisting that someone close every other off topic question as well is disingenuous. Other people throwing offtopic questions on here is no excuse to keep this one open. There are far better hosting recommendation websites than this one.

Written by Adam Davis

I recommend that it be closed, but since there are a few votes and favorites, I'll defer to the community.

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Accepted Answer

Amazon's EC2 is where it is at. You only pay for what you use.

Written by Jordan S. Jones
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