Where can I find information about the fields and codes in Apache's FTP logs?

I am curious about what the "189" here means and the "a _ o r" also.

Sun Jul 04 14:29:37 2010 0 xx.xxx.xx.xxx 189 /foo/bar/baz.php a _ o r foo@foo.com ftp 1 * c

My google-foo failed me in locating this info.

Where can I read up on these codes?




Might be more suited at serverfault.com? Never knew there was such a thing as an 'apache ftp server'... Are you sure that's the one providing FTP?

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Accepted Answer

Found it for you, seemed eerily familiar to wu-ftpd format: http://wu-ftpd.therockgarden.ca/man/xferlog.html

189 = filesize
a = ascii transfer
_ = no special action
0 = outgoing
r = authenticated user

Still don't believe it's Apache, but hey :P

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