This has probably been asked before but I can't find any relevant post using the search system.

I'm looking for a site where I could host my own blog. Unfortunately, I found none that have the kind of code block friendliness found on our very own stackoverflow (not one where you have to manually convert < and > into &lt; and &gt;).

If the answer is "there is none, duh!", and I am condemned to install my own blog software, then which one should I use for a "coder blog" -- knowing that I'd like it to be ultra-simple to set up.


Accepted Answer

I use a combination of BlogEngine.NET, Windows Live Writer and a WLW extension to format/place the code block in my blog.

Scott Hanselman has a blog post about this topic here.

There is a pretty sweet client-side (jQuery-based) code formatter here that you also might want to check out, that sounds blog-software agnostic.

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