I want to secure a file upload directory on my server as described beautifully here, but I have one problem before I can follow these instructions. I don't know what user Apache is running as.

I've found a suggestion that you can look in httpd.conf and there will be a "User" line, but there is no such line in my httpd.conf file, so I guess Apache is running as the default user. I can't find out what that is, though.

So, my question is (are):

  • how do I find out what the default user is
  • do I need to change the default user
  • if the answer is yes and I change the default user by editing httpd.conf, is it likely to screw anything up?



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Accepted Answer

  • To find out the user, you can simply use ps aux | grep apache while it is running.
  • You don't need to, but if Apache is running as root there are security issues.
  • Thirdly, changing the user of Apache will change his rights to access some directories. You need to make sure that /var/www (or wherever you have your websites) is accessible to the new user and group.
  • On the systems I have looked at, apache was always installed using apache:apache (or similar) as user and group, so it should probably already be set like that.
Written by Kjir
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