To a person skilled in programming, I know this question might seem ridiculous, but please bear with me. I'm involved in a court case and a critical point hinges on the answer to a couple of questions.

Given a mathematical formula, along with complete formula documentation as shown here: alt text
(Pixelated some of the descriptors)

  1. In solving the equation for P, is there ANY requirement or need to implement the formula in Microsoft Excel prior to implementing it in PHP source code?

  2. Could a competent PHP programmer just type the formula into PHP source code without the use of Microsoft Excel in the interim?

Thank you very much!


Do I need to speak to my attorney before answering this question?

Written by ABach

LOL... No, this isn't for testimony, it's simply to show my attorney that the other side is on crack. Feel free to answer if you can add to it. :-)

Written by Erick

wtf does Excel have to do with basic math? The only case in which it might be related is if it relies on an Excel specific calculation error (it's ridden with those), but even in that case, the other side is on crack.

Written by Matti Virkkunen

The other side is on crack for even introducing excel here. Any one remotely familiar with programming brought to testify in this court will agree that excel has nothing to do with this. Excel is a program by ONE vendor, of course that's not going to be related to general math questions. Also, a lot of programmers tend to eschew Microsoft software, and have a unfavourable opinion towards it because it's not open source and caters to laymen.

Written by Lajla

If your lawyer doesn't realize the ridiculousness of this then you might want to find one more suited towards programming cases.

Written by Joe Philllips

I really hope the responses here can help you, I also showed this to a mate of mine who always rants about judges having to judge over fields they have no competence in whatsoever, he said 'Wow, if he loses this, I lost my confidence in the world.' Really, for any programmer the claim that Excel is some-how a requirement is beyond this world.

Written by Lajla

Maybe they should bring Texas Instruments into the case too since the T-83 can calculate these formulas.

Written by typoknig

LMAO - Thanks folks! I'm passing this along. I've been doing PHP since 1999, v3. This is so laughable, but the other side keeps making claim that Excel is somehow required - against expert testimony. Anyhoo - thanks so much!

Written by Erick

Accepted Answer

The formulas you have presented are remedial mathematics, any decent programmer with any programming language (including PHP) could implement those formulas without Excel or any other software aid. So the answers to your questions are:

1.) NO

2.) YES

Written by typoknig
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