I am looking for a free ASP.NET MVC hosting site.

I know, I know, I might be coming up with a ridiculous request: MS servers cost money, and they are damn expensive, so I shouldn't be expected to get free ASP.NET hosting. The most is I can get best quality or most affordable hosting site, but free? Highly unlikely.

Still, I want to ask my fellow SOers, is there a free ASP.NET MVC hosting site? I just want to deploy my MVC app for fun. I don't expect to make money, or to expect high traffic from that site. All I want is a place where I can upload my app for free, so that I can play with it in production environment ( instead of dev or test environment, which is boring to begin with). Of course if the app took off I won't mind to pay for the storage and bandwidth.

So I just need a minimal package that is free, that's all. Any recommendation?


There are plenty of nominally cheap services. For the time you are going to spend faffing around with crappy free services it's worth paying a little.

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Accepted Answer

Appharbor - heroku style hosting for .Net, starter plan is free

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