I am new to the Mac world and I'm looking for PHP development tools, right now the most important thing is the editor. Syntax highlighting and a file tree list are mandatory, of course, and code insight would be nice (of course :). I am hoping that there are free editors out there that provide these functionality and I hope someone could enlighten me. I have been searching on Google but most of the results were comparing their PHP editor with free ones or were poor editors that didn't even offer building projects and a tree list.

Could someone help me out?


PS: Please refrain yourself from recommending Vim or Emacs. Thanks.

Written by Tom

I'd recommend Emacs

Written by troelskn

I think aquamacs is nice too. Though I use netbeans. aquamacs.org

Written by Dan

Accepted Answer

Why not just use Eclipse with the PDT plugin, Eclipse rocks.

Written by adam
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