Is there a way to have access to session in a AJAX call made to a JAVA server.

On the server, the request object has both the session and cookies properties NULL.

I can pass though the session id as a parameter, but how can I access the session by ID?


Using session.getSession(false); returns null, while session.getSession(true); obviously returns a new session, with another id.

Accepted Answer

The best way to deal with this is to append ";jsessionid=" at the end of the url. For instance, in a jsp:

<script type="text/javascript">
..."GET", url + ";jsessionid=<>"); 


Actually, the scriplet should be <%=pageContext.getSession().getId()%>.

The line:"GET", url + ";jsessionid=<%=pageContext.getSession().getId()%>");

becomes:"GET", url + ";jsessionid=6EBA4F94838796DC6D653DCA1DD06373");
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