I've seen a few different questions here on SO related to shared hosting, specifically GoDaddy, with medium trust configurations. While most questions seem to be oriented around trying to include a 3rd party DLL in your application, I really haven't seen a consistent answer on how to move forward.

I am trying to utilize the FlickrNet framework for my ASP.NET MVC website. Since my hosting is with GoDaddy, I to get the lovely exception while using the DLL. In additon to the binaries, FlickNet allows you to access the source code through CodePlex.

Is there anyway that I can use this framework with GoDadddy hosting, or do I need to consider moving the application to a new hosting provider?

At the end of the day, I am willing to take my hosting elsewhere, but it would be great if there was a way that a workaround could be documented for this.

Accepted Answer

Try adding the following to your AssemblyInfo.cs under Project > Properties in solution explorer

[assembly: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers]

to test locally in medium trust add the following to your web.config:

    <trust level="Medium" />

Also here is an article that may or may not help you out and/or give you insight regarding a similar situation with NHibernate: NHibernate in a Medium Trust Environment

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