I currently have more than 1000 visits / day and hosting at 1and1 with PHP memory 30MB limit I have a dynamic shopping guide with more than 5000 items and users enter to browse / search for items. I started getting "Internal Error 500" every now and then. Which are show more on days, and I don't notice them on others. 1and1 support say that I have outgrown the 30MB PHP limit. What do you think? Is that true? or they just want to sell me a more expensive hosting? I currently can't afford more than a shared host :(

I am using PHP / MySQL Javascript / My BB Forum / PHP thumbail (which I am now trying to switch with static thumbnails to ease the load a bit) Advice is appreciated


Sounds possible... You'll have to find out which parts of your code break the limit. It's well possible you can help this by optimizing the code.

Written by Pekka

Accepted Answer

I have moved to another hosting "Blue Host" and the errors stopped ever since. It seems they handle the resources in a different way: "CPU throttling". And they told me I can use their services till I feel the website is slow and I then should switch to VPS or dedicated server. 1and1 handle the overload on shared limits with error 500. This is not good!

Written by Yasser
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