Does anyone know of companies offering SaaS full text search? I'm looking for something that uses Lucene, solr, or sphinx on the backend, and provides a REST API for submitting documents to index, and running searches.

I could build my own EC2 AMI, but I'd have to configure EBS and other stuff, monitor it, etc. Curious if someone has already done all this and would charge per MB/GB indexed.

thank you.

-- James


keep in mind a hosted solr environment will always be slower than a dedicated server. depending on the size of your index you may want to keep note of this.

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Accepted Answer

Websolr provides a cloud-based Solr with a control panel. It's in private beta as of this writing, but you can get the service through Heroku.

Another hosted Solr service is PowCloud, also in private beta, which seems to offer strong Wordpress integration.

Acquia Search offers Solr integration for Drupal sites.

If you decide to build your own EC2 instance, the SolrOnAmazonEC2 wiki page might be useful. Or you could just get LucidWorks Solr for EC2, which is probably the easiest and fastest way to get Solr on EC2.

Engine Yard provides a cloud-based Sphinx service.

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