I want to try my hand at developing for the iPhone but I don't have an Intel-based Mac available to me; likewise, my budget doesn't include provisions for getting one anytime soon. I've tried messing around with winchain and that hasn't gone too well. I'm not interested in jail-breaking my phone and installing other tools for developing. I've read posts on using older macs with the development tool-kit but haven't tried it yet. In the end I just want to know I can compile without doing a ton of extra work or finding work-arounds. I don't mind only having access to a CLI compiler.

Does anyone know of a hosting service that provides a shell access account on Intel-based Mac OS X machines?

Accepted Answer

If you're not interested in jail breaking your phone, then at the very least you're going to need the simulator to test your apps on.

That means you're going to need more than just shell access on an Intel Mac. I've personally ran the simulator and successfully built versions of my iPhone applications on a PPC mac, albeit it's a bit slow. Code signing also does not work - but at least you get the simulator and Xcode.

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