I'm investigating using hosted subversion for a new project at work and was wondering if anyone had any experiences they would share.

I've personally used Beanstalk for small projects at home, but not with mulitple users or a large repository.

What/who have you used?

For what size/type of project?

What was your experience? (Uptime, performance, customer service, etc.)


customer service ? what kind of customer service could there be ?

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Accepted Answer

wush.net has been awesome - great support I use it for personal projects as well as two freelance projects (one with a few hundred thousand lines of code) None have large number of developers, but that should not be a problem

svnrepository is also good - but a lot less hand holding. I switched to wush only because I did not want to have to do so much of the admin - mostly for the trac stuff. They also had good support, but you are responsible for a lot more of the admin.

I have not experienced any downtime that I noticed. (either for svn or trac)


there are also other SO questions on this topic...
a search of svn and hosting should bring them up

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